As you are reading this issue of the FCI Newsletter, the summer dog-show season is at its peak. The biggest event - a feast for all eager exhibitors – of this year was the FCI World Dog Show 2012 in Salzburg, Austria.
I would like to congratulate the Austrian kennel Club (ÖKV) and everybody who contributed to this outstanding canine event.

This issue contains a report and evaluation of this show. I would like to point out that unfortunately, abandoned dogs in closed vehicles at shows are a remaining issue. The speakers continually encouraged people to come to their vehicles and take their dogs out, even announcing particular license plate numbers of these vehicles, asking the owners to release their dogs immediately from the heat. Despite the joint effort of the police and paramedics, there was one dog who, sadly, didn‘t make it.Unfortunately, this has been a recurring scenario, even at the most prestigous shows. I am asking everybody to keep an eye on this problem and to look for ways to deal with it. Dogs hardly deserve to be treated like that.

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Stefan Stefik
FCI Treasurer
IT and Automation: FCI Investigates and Develops
Environment, time, functional costs: all these factors have become essential in our daily life, be it business or private. The FCI is well aware of that and is faced with different challenges related to it at the turn of its second centenary.
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Joint Communication Forum
FCI-NCO Joint Communication Forum in a nutshell : Main points from the last meeting held on May 17th, 2012 in Salzburg (AT)
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The ”dog world” met in Stockholm
The Swedish Kennel Club managed to gather 140 participants from 20 countries at the 1st International Workshop on Enhancement of Genetic Health in Purebred Dogs in Stockholm during the first week-end of June.
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FCI explores an ambitious project
The FCI created a 2012 Working Group which met May 1st in Brussels. The need for such a group arose in response to the many issues facing the purebred dog world including, e.g. heightened public and media attention to dog showing and breeding.
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World Dog Show in Salzburg (AT) - 18-20 May, 2012

Main facts about the Austrian Kennel Club and its library
founded in 1909, situated south of Vienna in Biedermannsdorf
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Heat Stroke in Dogs : Everything about dehydration and overheating
As the weather warms up, it is important to brush up on your knowledge of heat stroke in dogs.
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Obedience World winner 2012 in Salzburg – Austria
From 18-20 May 2012, the best dog handlers met in Salzburg during the World Dog Show. The area was a huge ice hockey stadium and the handlers where quite happy that it was away from the exhibition, because they experienced no traffic jam and no parking problems.
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2012 FCI World Championship for Tracking Dogs, 18-22 April, Velten (DE)
This year’s FCI WC for Tracking Dogs was held from 18-04 until 22-04-2012 in the surroundings of Velten, Germany. Place of action, a big green reserve North of Velten. The type of terrains were worth this yearly event.
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XXIIth International Dog Show in Prague (CZ) on 5.- 6 May, 2012

CACIB Show held in Pretoria (South Africa) on Sunday, May 27th, 2012 (at the KUSA classic week-end 2012)

Shenyang Dog Show (CN), 12-13 May, 2012

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Online Catalogue
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